Warmly welcome! Leaders of Weifang Binhai Cultural and Sports Tourism Industry Development Center went to SIOETC to guide the creation of research bases for primary and secondary school students.

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  • 2023-05-12

On May 11th, two leaders, Wang Lianyuan, deputy director of Weifang Binhai Cultural and Sports Tourism Industry Development Center, and Wang Zihua, head of Industrial Resources Department, visited the SIOETC International Ocean Engineering Training Center to inspect and guide the work. Zhang Wenfeng, director of the center office, together with all the staff, extended a warm welcome to the leaders on this trip. Zhou Yu, Director of Marketing Department, Liu Weiqi, Director of Sales Department, Dong Ming, Minister of Education and Training, and Wang Wenjun, Minister of Culture and Publicity Department reported the current scale and development plan of the Center to the visiting leaders and conducted in-depth communication and exchange on the next research and development direction.


First of all, Zhou Yu, Director of Marketing Department, introduced the brief introduction, business training scope, training direction, overall advantages and corporate social responsibility of SIOETC International Ocean Engineering Training Center.SIOETC has obtained domestic and international certification in offshore oil and gas industry, offshore wind energy, emergency rescue and traffic safety training for offshore construction personnel, and will actively expand into the fields of fire fighting, first aid and aviation in the future.In terms of social responsibility, SIOETC International Ocean Training Center has been adhering to the concept of "serving the society and giving back to the society" and constantly carrying out various public welfare activities. SIOETC regularly organizes "Ocean Cleaning" activities on Happy Beach every year to contribute to the marine ecological environment. This year, combined with the actual situation and advantages of the center, the drowning safety course "Children, You Are Not a Fish", the fire safety course "Little Firefighter" and the scientific research course on marine engineering "Little Navigator" were launched, so that children can better understand marine engineering, learn knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation, improve their self-protection and self-rescue ability, and provide more guarantees for their life safety.


Wang Lianyuan, Deputy Director of Binhai Cultural and Sports Tourism Industry Development Center

It is proposed to optimize the management of site infrastructure again and strictly review the content of research cmatchourses.


Wang Zihua, Chief of Industrial Resources Section, Binhai Cultural and Sports Tourism Industry Development Center

It is put forward that we should optimize the research course from the reality of SIOETC, practice more and practice less theory, speed up the course landing and carry out match as soon as possible.

Shandong International Ocean Training Center is a place where children can move forward with blood. We have a team of teachers composed of experts at home and abroad and experienced marine engineering practitioners, who will lead you to explore the mysteries of marine engineering, understand marine science and technology, and let children be there. The research course is an extension of "education+culture+tourism", and it is a new form of tourism that can best realize immersion and experience.





After the meeting, two leaders of Weifang Binhai Cultural and Sports Tourism Industry Development Center visited and guided the venue of SIOETC Ocean Engineering Training Center, and Zhou Yu, director of marketing department, explained the honor and qualification of the center from its establishment to now, which made the leaders amazed. During the on-site exhibition of SIOETC cultural and creative products, the leaders showed great interest in our products and gave high evaluation and recognition, which made us feel honored and proud. At the same time, it also inspired us to keep moving forward, do our best to do a good job in the demonstration of research bases and the development of research courses in our region, and contribute our own strength to the research work in our region!